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Chain retailers

As a leader in cashless card systems and retail equipment, AVEM supports retail companies in the trade, integration, deployment and maintenance of their stores’ technological equipment. And as a specialist in payment, cash-collection and security solutions, AVEM offers its expertise to more than 300 retailers with the management of 44,000 pieces of equipment.
Players in retail can count on our expert retail teams to develop the performance of their points of sale as well as increase the satisfaction of their customers.

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Our services for chain retailers

Cash collection system

Storage, integration, initial operations and maintenance on site of some of the biggest brands in retail equipment.

Payment solutions

Integration of payment methods in the retailer’s IT system and final verification before handover of market software solutions.

In-store mobility solutions

Optimisation of the customer journey through mobile retail equipment: improved access to store data.

Safety and visitor counters

Management of store transformation rate and protection against decreasing store visits and sales.

Retail terminals and screens

Dynamic turnkey display and terminals integrated into the omni-channel customer journey.

Support & international solutions

Project management of large-scale deployments in France and Europe. Training, maintenance and assistance in Europe.

Global and customised support

A team of 150 retail and payments  experts offers you a custom study for your equipment and point-of-sale projects in France and in Europe.

Our goal: is to offer you effective, innovative solutions,  consistent with  customer experiences which you can deploy in your store network.

Fits all retail, our solutions are ideal to offer perfect customer interactions and develop your cross-channel, multi-channel and omni-channel commercial potential.
Our savoir-faire is already recognised in the following sectors: food, automobile, DIY, shoes, cooperatives, ski areas, hotels, gardening, public markets, fashion, rental, recreation, restaurants, services and tourism.

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