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Dedicated to banks and chain retailers, we lean on 3 main know-how used in 6 sectors of activity

Two types of customers: banks and chain retailers

AVEM serves two types of customers:


  • Banks and their customers on different IT and payment system business lines
  • Chain retailers for the equipment at their points of sale under the brands AVEM or PEBIX

Our expertise

AVEM provides various services for its customers by using 3 main areas of expertise:

  • Managing the assistance, deployment and maintenance of technological equipment
  • Industrialising administrative management and distribution support
  • Reassuring customers in stressful situations: breakdowns, fraud, losses…

And a proven ability to combine these areas of expertise.

Our sectors of activity

The services offered by the AVEM group are intended for banking institutions, chain retailers and final users, which are divided among 6 additional business lines:


  • Assistance services for debit/credit cardholders and the banking system: card fraud management, disputes, payment system call centre, etc.
  • Equipment for retailers and chains: contract management, management of debit/credit card terminals, cheque readers, supply of consumables, specific solutions or chain retailers, etc.
  • Money handling and maintenance of payment machines and terminals: assistance and supervision of cash-point machines, specialised call centres, nearby technician assistance, etc.
  • Assistance with computerised data exchange and flow, e-commerce solutions, cash-withdrawal fraud management, certificate management
  • Localised assistance and maintenance of banking IT
  • Distribution support