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AVEM in a word

AVEM is the leader in France for cashless card services for banks and large retailers

Aside from our cashless systems, we assist retailers with their store equipment through our subsidiary PEBIX, which joined the AVEM group in June 2018. Our technicians carry out installations and repairs on payment machines and technological equipment for bank branches throughout France.




manufacturing sites

€151 m

in revenue in 2017

Our vision: The premium partner for banks and chain retailers

We put all of our energy into becoming the premium partner helping banks, retailers and chain stores, accelerating our development in a sustainable way and strengthening our competiveness in order to keep our leading position.

A young group with 30 years of experience

AVEM was founded in 2016 after the purchase of ATEM Solutions by the AVEO group. Formed by the merger of the AVEM and ATEM brands, the name AVEM represents the component of partnership and proximity (“with”) that the brand has with its customers, its partners and its employees.

AVEO was found in April 2013, the result of the desire to bring together all the expertise possessed by the payment method and banking proximity technology companies (CMM, CIRRA, MONECAM, MONETICA and SOMAINTEL) including its members and shareholders.

1,500 employees

AVEM is made up of nearly 1,500 employees who work in different positions:


  • 900 employees located in our 10 manufacturing sites In France
  • 500 field technicians located in 91 sites found locally throughout France
  • 100 technicians on our logistics platforms (payment terminals, payment machines, banking IT, etc.)

Solid shareholding, strengthened in 2018

The AVEM group is distinguished by the presence of leading banking institutions (Groupe Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas, La Banque Postale, Société Générale) in its shareholding. Strengthened in 2018, these shares are a strong sign of the banks’ confidence in the quality of our services. These close relationships allow AVEM to anticipate the market entry of new banking services and regulatory changes. Aside from our shareholding, the constant connection to the market guarantees our competiveness.