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We guarantee proximity with our customers, excellence for our services as well as the competitiveness of our offers

Customer proximity

Each customer has access to specific contacts on a daily basis for operational requests and assistance in the different regions of France and Europe and production sectors. For each service, AVEM defines the service commitments and sets up suitable monitoring teams.


AVEM strives to be the expert recommended by its customers for each of its business lines. To assess our performance, we conduct more than 30 satisfaction surveys each year and share the customer recommendation index (CRI) for our services with our customers.


  • AVEM has set the goal of reaching an overall CRI of +45 by 2020, equal to the desired level of excellence
  • In 2017, AVEM’s overall CRI reached +37, an increase over 2016 (+31)


AVEM grows on extremely competitive markets. The loyalty and continual addition of new customers through the referencing procedures and tender process is proof of the competiveness of our services. Since 2013, the turnover for the AVEM group has increased by more than 50%, bolstered by the confidence of our customers.